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Stay connected to your well-being!



● Complete Ecosystem: weight, activity, diet, blood pressure and sleep

● Set your goals, monitor your progress and share your results

● Get exclusive wellness tips scientifically validated

● Free Application for Smartphones and Tablets

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Guide Terraillon WebCoach Prime Android iOS

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About the product



Terraillon's unique app gathers all your data for simple, detailed progress monitoring.

With one glance at your display, you can check your progress on the dashboard, consult the history, and coach your curves.



Made a resolution? Want to work more effectively on your well-being? Simply set your targets using the app and monitor your progress. An ideal weight? A specific step count?

Set daily or weekly targets to help you achieve your overall goal.



Enjoy exclusive content and receive free tips scientifically validated. Through a profile questionnaire, you can choose from one of three coaching: Figure management - to lose weight-, Form and vitality - to regain tone - or Zen - against stress and sleep problems. You receive WellnessTips every week for a period of two months for all three coaching. These tips, written by Terraillon and scientifically validated, take different forms - recipes, games, exercises, and illustrations.



All your results can be shared on social networks (Facebook and Twitter), so your friends and family can encourage and congratulate you. To make it even more practical, the data

can also be shared by e-mail, which is a great way for your health professional to monitor your blood pressure. All data is saved to the Cloud, in a space that is both private and

secure. You can access your data anywhere, from your Smartphone or tablet, or recover all your results if you get a new Smartphone.

Technical features


My Weight: BMI / Body fat / Muscle mass / Body Water / Bone mass

My Heart: Blood pressure / Heart rate

My Activity: Number of Steps / Distance / Calories burned / Duration

My Sleep: Time / Quality / Cycles

My Diet: Calories / RDI



iOS: 8.0 or later

Android 4.3 or later

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Secure multi-profile account

Goal setting

Email and social network sharing

Manual entry of results

Over 60 trophies to collect