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● 12.5 mm: the thinnest body composition scale in the world!

● Body composition scale: body fat, body water & muscle mass

● BMI calculation and daily calorie requirement

● 8 user-profiles with automatic recognition

About the product

Finesse, Design, Technology!

Finesse, Design, Technology!


Ultra-Slim technology: 12.5 mm!
the perfect fusion of glass and stainless steel for a record thinness: only 12,5 mm!  The thinnest body composition scale of the market! Once more a proof of Terraillon's know-how in term of precision and design.


BodySense Technology
R-Coach analyses your weight, BMI and your body composition : body fat, muscle mass and body water. With R-COACH, precisely track the evolution of your body composition from one weighing to the other. Indeed at each weighing the screen will display not only your weight and masses of teh day but also teh evolution of each result compared to previous weighing. Especially useful when you follow your weight in order to lose the bad kilos (fat) while maintaining muscle mass.


NEW Calorie function
R-COACH gives you an estimate of the daily intake of calories needed to maintain current weight, thanks to highly personalised settings including 5 possible levels of physical activity (including Athlete mode). Perfect to adapt your diet according to your weight objective.


8 user-profiles
An optimal monitoring of the weight and body composition for the whole family. Once your profile is created and the first weighing done, with automatic recognition you have nothing more to do for following weighings! The device automatically assigns you to your profile.  

Technical features


max weight: 150kg

100g graduation



Automatic switching on and off

Electronic weighing

Body composition (Fat, water, muscle)

BMI calculation

Daily calorie requirement calculation

5 activity levels (including athlet mode)

Weight difference and masses evolution between two measurements

8 user-profiles with automatic recognition

Automatic reccord of last weighing results



Batteries: 2 x CR2032 (supplied)

Product size: 30.2 x 30.2 x 1.25 cm

Large backlit LCD

Stainless steel & glass

Packing dimensions: 34 x 35 x 3,1 cm

Net/gross weight: 1.9 kg / 2,3 kg