Spoon Access

Soon available

● Precise: an ergonomic and design handle in soft touch

● Smart: silicone ends to mix without scratching

● Useful: a silicone ring to hang up an ustensil rack     



"Christophe Michalak's pastries are creative and delicious. So when Terraillon partners with the best pastry chef in the world, it is to create a range of clever and precise utensils, true to his personality."

About the product

Transform your cooking with this spoon!

Transform your cooking with this spoon!


Get a helping hand: use a multi-purpose tool to mix, stir, taste and flavour any dish!

Stir: stir as much as necessary without turning your pan, thanks to its silicone finish to protect against scratches.

Put it over the heat: finish off your preparation at high temperature without wasting time changing utensils thanks to its ultra-resistant silicone.

Simmer: slip effortlessly from one movement to the next thanks to the excellent grip of the slender handle.



This spoon is composed of:

- a silicone base

- a Soft Touch handle

- a Soft Touch ring

Technical features



Soft touch and silicone finish

Heat resistant 220°C

Length: 30 Cm

Dishwasher safe