Sieve Access

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● Precise: a soft touch and ergonomic handle

● Smart: stainless steel sieve and non slip handle

● Useful: soft touch silicone end ring to hang the utensil         


"Christophe Michalak's pastries are creative and delicious. So when Terraillon partners with the best pastry chef in the world, it is to create a range of clever and precise utensils, true to his personality."


About the product

Transform your cooking with this sieve

Transform your cooking with this sieve


Prepare: drain any preparations and easily straining jellies and any other liquids

Dress: sift flour and baking ingredients perfectly


This sieve is composed of:

- a stainless steel part

- a Soft Touch handle

- a Soft Touch ring

Technical features



Stainless steel and silicone finish

Heat resistant 220°C

Length: 40,6 Cm

Dishwasher proof