Measuring Spoon Premium

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● Precise: an ergonomic and design handle in stainlesss steel

● Clever: one teaspoon side and one tablespoon side

● Useful: a silicone ring to hang up an ustensil rack   



"Christophe Michalak's pastries are creative and delicious. So when Terraillon partners with the best pastry chef in the world, it is to create a range of clever and precise utensils, true to his personality."

About the product

Transform your cooking with this measurer!

Transform your cooking with this measurer!


Measure ingredients in a jiffy: measure ingredients accurately using this practical 2-in-1 spoon! 


Weigh: add sugar, spices, oil, etc. without using scales, with one "tablespoon" end and another "teaspoon" end.


Flavour: no longer will you hear "it's missing a bit of..." or "there's too much...", using a spoon that is easy to level to get the quantity to the nearest gram.


This measuring spoon is made up of:

- a silicone base
- a suspension ring


Technical features



Product finish: Stainless steel and silicone

Heat resistant 220°C

Dishwasher safe

Teaspoon and tablespoon  volumes (5ml & 15ml)

Lenght: 20 cm

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